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"Burmese advocate Bo Kyi calls on the world to help political prisoners in Burma" - Northwest Asian Weekly

"Burmese Political Prisoners Speak Out In 'Into The Current' Documentary" - Daily Beast/Newsweek
Salt Lake City's Public Radio KRCL interviews Bo Kyi and Jeanne Hallacy. Click here to listen to the program.

The Salt Lake City Examiner covers "Into the Current" and Bo Kyi's message to those seeking to free political prisoners. Click here to read the article.
The Seattle Globalist's "10 Questions for Bo Kyi." Click here to read the article.

Utah Public Radio's Access Utah interviews Bo Kyi. Click here to listen to the program.

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles: Live from the 2012 Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Join host Pauline Jones of NewFilmmakers Los Angeles as she sits down with moviemakers at the 27th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

SBIFF 2012 Interview with Jeanne Hallacy of Into The Current
Part of our continuing coverage of the 2012 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Harlene Conlin interviews Jeanne Hallacy...


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And one on this site (English)
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Salt Lake Community Activism Examiner
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  KALW -NPR SF, Talk Back with Rose Aguilar -one hour radio program all Burma
  Rose Aguilar is a journalist and radio host from San Francisco, California.
Aguilar hosts Your Call, a daily public affairs radio show on NPR-affiliate KALW 91.7 USA Premiere Santa Barbara International Film Festival
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KPFA Radio Flashpoints, Host Dennis Bernstein

  Seattle Globalist
  Salt Lake City Examiner

KRCL Radio, Salt Lake City, Utah

  NorthWest Asian Weekly
  Sampsonia Way Magazine
  Salt Lake City Utah
Photos from Jen

NewFilmmakers LA during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival
  SBIFF 2012 Interview with Jeanne Hallacy of Into The Current ...
  Part of our continuing coverage of the 2012 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Harlene Conlin interviews Jeanne Hallacy, ...

BADA Human Rights Day, March 10, SF Bay Area Premiere

  BADA Burma Human Rights Day Benefit - Opening – 1
  BADA Karen Cultural Dance, Dr. Sein Win Speech – 2
  BADA Making Sense of "Change in Burma" by Min Zin – 3
  BADA Making Sense of "Change in Burma" by Min Zin - 4


  “There is no better homage to the desire for a positive future for Burma than the stories this documentary presents. Burma’s long struggle for freedom will never truly begin until all political prisoners are freed, the culture of impunity challenged, and basic freedoms are granted to all.

Into the Current illustrates the evils of military dictatorship with compassion, historical depth, and powerful visual evidence of past and ongoing repression. Yet in the courage of the dissidents profiled the effect of watching Into the Current is to come away inspired by their commitment to transform their country into a free society, a struggle we must all support and, in the end, they will win.
Human Rights Watch, Asia Director, Brad Adams

Into the Current provides a rare window into the contemporary history of the largely unknown country of Burma and the persistence of those of its people brave enough to speak out. The film focuses on ordinary people who defied the Burmese military regime even in the face of likely imprisonment and even death.

My students related viscerally to the stories it tells, such as that of student leader Min Ko Naing, who upon release from years of imprisonment bravely defied the regime once more, only to be confined yet again. Painting stories of ordinary yet brave people, Into the Current personalizes the grim statistics often found in the media, and allows us to understand the depth of their sacrifice and commitment to what they know is right.

The emotional response this film provokes makes it a powerful teaching tool, as students feel how subjects often perceived as drily theoretical become suddenly vital, such as human rights and the importance of real-life struggle to protect ones freedoms.



The power of the film results from the juxtaposition of startling footage from Burma's modern history with intimate, incredibly affecting testimony from former political prisoners who refuse to do anything less than walk with their heads held high, determined to continue the fight for the liberation of their colleagues and their country.

The film is informative and inspiring -- one of the most important documentaries I have ever seen. At the three screenings I have attended, the audience remains silent and spellbound throughout.

The lasting impression is one of incredible admiration for the brave resilience of the Burmese people, and a determination to seek ways to assist their urgent struggle.
Garrett Kostin, The Best Friend Library



"In addition to being expertly done, 'Into to the Current' comes at a most auspicious time, documenting what was, what is, and even what will be if there is any roll-back on the situation of political imprisonment in Myanmar.

"For every political prisoner whose story Ms. Hallacy finely weaves through the narrative and who has been released since the film's completion, others come immediately to mind. 'Into the Current' is then at once a record, an indictment, and a warning."

Amnesty International, International Secretariat
Benjamin Zawacki



"Into the Current runs deep in opposition to those who argue things have changed for the better in Burma after the elections. The film reminds us that the military, among the most repressive regimes in the 21 century, has kept Burma in an autocratic state.

For four decades, I have witnessed waves of Burmese economic and political refugees pouring into my country.

Burmese of all origin - Mon, Shan, Karen, Burman and other ethnics - in the millions have been forced migrants in Thailand, in the region and throughout the world. There seems to be no end to this crisis.

Freedom and rights defenders are now armed with 'Into the Current' as a vital factual and visual aid, making it one of the most important films made about human rights violations in Burma in decades."

Former deputy leader of the Democrat Party (Thailand)
Senior Advisor to ASEAN Inter-Parlaimentary Myanmar Caucus AIPMC (Thailand)
Kraisak Choonhavan

Dr. Lisa Brooten, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, USA

I have seen many films on Burma’s struggle for freedom over the 23 years..but nothing touches the conscience of nonviolent revolution as does Into the Current on behalf of Burma’s prisoners of conscience, both past and present.
Becoming the revolution is the order of the day, and during this period of so-called reform, this essential film is a safeguard against tyranny, injustice and dictatorship.
This is not merely a ‘must see film’ it is a ‘must remember’ one for generations.”
Alan Clements, Use Your Liberty to Promote Ours Project iwc replica watches cheap rolex replica iwc replica watches ralph lauren home